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Occupational Health

Sickness Absence Management

Sickness absence is usually one of the biggest causes of loss of productivity and profitability in most businesses.

At 4THOUGHT we provide experienced occupational health advisors and physicians to help rehabilitate employees back to normal working duties with managed return to work programmes; while working closely with Human Resources and Health and Safety teams to help reduce the frequency and overall impact of sickness absence to the business.

    An example of the services we provide to manage and reduce
    the impact of sickness absence include:

    • Onsite and offsite face to face referrals for Medical Opinion
    • Telephone occupational health referrals
    • Case management
    • Home visits (accompanied)
    • Health screening and Fitness to work assessments
    • New starter health assessments (Online & face to face)
    • General health assessments
    • Day One Sickness Absence Management
    • Health and wellbeing workshops

    Health Surveillance

    Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, employers are legally obliged to provide an appropriate and documented health surveillance programme for its employees. 

    Using onsite occupational health practitioners and mobile health surveillance units, we can guide you through this often complex and time consuming process. Working together, we will focus on the following outcomes for your health surveillance programme:

    • Ensure compliance with current legislation
    • Minimise disruption to productivity
    • Reduce the risk and cost of employee litigation
    • Accurate and timely reporting
    • Free up the Human Resources function to focus on more business critical issues


    Examples of health surveillance that we regularly provide includes:

    • Hearing Tests (Audiometry)
    • Lung Function Tests (Spirometry)
    • Vision Screening
    • Skin Surveillance
    • Fork Lift Truck driver medicals
    • Confined Spaces
    • Working at Height
    • Lone Worker
    • Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
    • DSE Workstation Assessments

    Mental Health, Counselling & Mediation Services

    At any one time, mental health conditions are affecting one in six of all employees in the UK and are now recognised as the primary cause of sickness absence; costing employers between £33-£42 billion a year (Thriving at Work – Independent review of mental health and employers by Lord Dennis Stevenson and Paul Farmer).

    With this in mind as part of their duty of care, many employers have invested in Employee Assistance Programmes. Although we think they are a positive step making the tools available to the employee to help themselves; sometimes it just isn’t enough.

    In effect the employer is in the dark, hoping that any employee with mental health issues will be able to resolve any conditions they are suffering from; by themselves.

    However, the fact is that often this can be hard to do without any workplace support which in turn can lead to a greater overall impact to the business and employee morale.

    This is why we support and encourage employers to introduce a positive culture around mental health in the workplace with a range of specialist mental health services and training.

    The key benefit of using our mental health service is that the
    counsellor and occupational health team are able to work together and report back to the employer with informed guidance. This will help the employer put in place supportive measures to ensure a quicker return to health:

    • A greater chance of the employee returning to work sooner
    • Ensures the employee has the appropriate support in the workplace
    • Reduces impact to the business
    • Improves overall employee morale

    An example of the services we provide include:

    • Telephone / Video counselling
    • Face to face counselling / CBT Support
    • Mediation services
    • Critical Incident Support
    • Training for Managers and Workshops

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